Potted Plants And Trees That Are Great For Wildlife

20 December 2022
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In many urban and suburban areas, there is a shortage of plants for wildlife to utilize. Bees may not have enough plants to find nectar. Some birds may not have the seeds or fruits they need to eat. Planting trees and other plants can help, but if you don't have a place to plant in the soil, you may want to set out some potted plants instead. Here are some particular trees and plants that tend to thrive in pots and are also great for wildlife. Read More 

How Do You Know Where To Find Water For A Well?

9 August 2022
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Drilling a well over a known aquifer is easy, but finding an aquifer in an area where no one else is living or working can be difficult. However, it's not impossible, and well-drilling companies have plenty of experience in locating water sources, even when the surface land does not look promising at all. Looking for water relies on clues given by nature and the county or state geological office. Water-Loving Plants Read More 

Deep Litter Method Guide For Small Chicken Flocks

27 October 2021
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For those new to chickens or simply looking to raise a small flock in their backyard or family farm, managing the bedding and cleaning the coop can seem like a time-consuming chore. There is a simple method, called deep litter, that can help reduce some of the labor required for small flock maintenance.  Background Most small flocks, even those that are allowed to free-range during the day, are locked into a coop at night for their own safety. Read More 

3 Big Reasons To Have Your Private Water Well Tested After A Hurricane

17 October 2017
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The hurricane has passed and it is time to get back to a normal life at home. But before you turn on the tap to grab a drink of water that came from your well, there is something you should do first. As a private well owner, the first thing that must be done after a hurricane and its flooding rains have passed is to have your well water tested for contaminants before you use it in your home. Read More 

How To Increase Your Yields With Organic Fertilizer For Strawberries

10 June 2017
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Producing organic strawberries for a living is very rewarding. However, strawberries can be sensitive plants. With the right knowledge and fertilizers, you can increase your strawberry yields and watch them thrive. Strawberries Like It Shallow Strawberries root systems are very shallow, growing just beneath the surface. While that means you may not need to till as deeply, it does mean strawberries have a different set of needs than most plants. Due to their shallow root systems, strawberry plants respond very well to organic compost worked just below the surface. Read More