Awesome Days At The Pumpkin Patch Begin With A Plan

13 July 2023
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As summer's intense heat slowly fades away, one thing is sure — fall is soon to come. If you are like most families, at least one day of the fall season will be spent exploring the beauty and excitement of a pumpkin patch. To ensure the entire family ends the day with the same big smiles they started the day with, and of course, that you walk away with the pumpkin of your choice, learn how to plan for your journey.

Know When to Go

Timing is very important when visiting a patch. If you want to have an abundance of options to choose from, you should probably aim to visit the patch early in October. The later you wait, the fewer options there will be available. You should also plan your visit for earlier in the day. Often, once the afternoon hours arrive, more people will have arrived on the site. Larger crowds can make navigating the pumpkin patch harder and increase wait times. 

Dress for the Occasion

Capturing a few family photos while visiting the patch is a great way to etch the visit into your family's memory, but make sure you do not have a glamour shot in mind. Proper attire for visiting a patch should include comfortable shoes, as you will be walking a lot, and layer-able clothing, as you might get hot and cool over the course of the day. The more comfortable everyone is, the better time they will have.

Make It an Event

A good visit to a pumpkin patch should involve more than just selecting a pumpkin; it is about taking in the full beauty and excitement of the pumpkin patch farm. Look for a farm that offers a variety of family-focused activities, including on-site food vendors, fun games, and maybe even a maze. These options ensure everyone has something to do that they enjoy.

Know What to Look For

Again, the goal is to walk away with a great pumpkin. To go about this goal, you need to know what to look for. Give every pumpkin a thorough pat down before making your selection. A fresh pumpkin should feel hard; soft spots are a bad sign. If you have plans to carve the pumpkin, you should also ensure the pumpkin is sized to accommodate your creative vision.

All these tips will help ensure your family's pumpkin patch trip is as awesome as possible, so be sure to keep them in mind. 

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